What do you know about Merkoni?

Merkoni is a basset hound kennel (Kennel “Merkoni” is registered in the International Canine Federation (FCI).Track here in the international transcription kennel name entered as “MERKONI”) based in Rostov on Don which took first place on basset hound specialized dog show in 2014. The first kennel basset hound in the city of Rostov-on-Don and the Rostov region to maintain its leading position among breeders and nurseries in southern Russia. How it’s all happened? The history of the new chapinons and the best breed begins in 1983 in Rostov on Don SKA stadium where one of the dog shows took place. Experienced trainers demonstrated the best qualities of service and protective guard dog breeds. It was an amazing show and at the end of it the sponsors desided to conduct a lottery. The prise was a two month old busset hound puppy. The woman who won the prize adored dogs, but from that moment she thought about cynology in a whole different way and she wanted to make it her profession. Her name is Kozireva Nina Michailovna. Very soon after that she began her canine activities such as training dogs, competitions, trips, veterinary issues, the selection of breeding pairs, consultations with specialists, and much more. She struggled to get all the documents to prove her experince and ability to work as a cynologist. Only after ten years of hard work and stuggles in 2010 she managed to open the Merkoni kennel club and her daughter who is now a certified cynologist helps her with the business.

Why basset hound?

Love from the first sight, you cant explain love…its magic!